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Therapy can help deepen our own self-knowledge. Untangling what is inside may reveal patterns. Exploring our feelings, behaviors and reactions with an empathetic other can make a substantial difference in life and be a way forward if we feel stuck.

During the course of our lives we may have lived through diffierent kinds of distress. Perhaps you are currently experiencing a crisis or depression. Therapy has the potential to alleviate, reduce and resolve difficulties that can be the cause of distress.

What is meaningful to me? What is my potential and the direction of my life? Questions of self realization and existential topics are common in therapy. Psychosynthesis therapy strives to integrate and harmonize our inner diversity, and facilitate our ability to become the conductor of our own life.

Annika Piirimets


I am based at Odenplan in Stockholm and I also work online. I specialize in transformative adult learning at all levels, from the individual to the collective.


Verte means to see you, and to meet you in Spanish. I am here to see your unique aspects and accompany you on your individual journey, be it into the dark and difficult, or light and joyful.


Verte means green, in French. This color reminds us that we are biological and relational beings, connected to all that is living. In a world and culture where thought processes often are dominant, we are benefitted by working towards a better balance between body, feelings and thoughts.

Beyond the symptoms

Verte is an anagram of the Finnish word terve, that means healthy (among other things). Our wounds, history and challenges do not define us – we are more than those. A depression can be an understandable reaction to difficult life circumstances, for example. In therapy we look beyond the symptoms, explore their causes and always invite our strengths.

What is psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is an integrative, relational and transpersonal approach towards the human being. It combines several psychologial traditions and techniques into a synthesis, hence the name psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis was founded over a century ago but has always been intent on keeping a tradition of openness and serving as a synthesis for the current contemporary scientific and humanistic understanding of human development. A psychosynthesis therapist works with evidence based methods and techiniques, tailored to the individual’s needs. Below are some of the methods and influences in today’s psychosynthesis.

Unlike countries such as Great Britain and Italy where the therapeutic modality of psychosynthesis is well estabilshed in the public health sector, it is not qualified for licensing in Sweden. However, the Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm is a training institute accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy, EAP, and trains therapists according to the European standard for psychotherapists and councellors.

Practical information

I am located at Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik in Stockholm, as well as online. I offer therapy in Swedish, English and French.

In 2024 the fee for a 60-minute session is SEK 750 kr. Payment is by invoice in arrears. The first session is free of charge.

I am bound by confidentiality, follow my professional association’s ethical guidelines and regularly engage in supervision with a licensed psychotherapist and supervisor.

Attending therapy

You don’t need to commit to therapy when we meet for a first session. I will ask about your needs and what you hope to gain from therapy. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and together we will discuss how your needs can be met and what therapy may look like for you.

The frequency and duration of therapy can vary. It is recommended to meet more frequently initially, and later have longer intervals between sessions.



+46 707 645439

Upplandsgatan 38, 113 28 Stockholm