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Curiosity has led me to different professional roles, countries, sectors and contexts, but the core of it has always been learning and human development. Today I work as a therapist, I coordinate transnational educational projects, work in a psychiatric hospital unit and study more psychology.

I am interested in transformative learning, both at the individual and collective levels, hence my various roles in both therapy and formal and informal adult education.

I am always interested in meeting new people, opening new doors and expanding my areas of interest, so if you seek help on a personal level, or have an idea or a project in the pipeline and want to explore how I could help or contribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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If it comes in time, it is education.

If it comes too late, it is therapy.

R. Assagioli

Co-authored publications

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Empowerment – A Guide for Facilitators

Live Your Power – A self empowerment booklet

Online Alchemy – How to boost transformative learning online – A practical guide



Unlearning for a Thrivable Future – A draft compendium for educators

Online Transformative Learning – An ongoing enquiry